Treat Your Chapped Lips with Lulu’s Garden

Treat your chapped lips with Lulu’s Garden

Winter brings chapped lips and dry skin. This nuisance shouldn’t impair you any longer. Lulu’s Garden  can help combat those wintry irritations.


Winter Blend Natural Lip Balm

Lulu knew there was a need for fresh, functional and fabulous lip balm. Long gone are the days of standing in line at a convenient store to find the best option for your chapped lips. Each one of Lulu’s creations combines beeswax, jojoba oil, almond oil and cocoa butter, as well as many more all-natural ingredients. Nurturing body and mind is a non-negotiable when considering Lulu’s Garden. The custom blends are handmade and bring luscious results with aromatherapy added in, too!

Lulu’s Garden provides lip balms in tubes and smudge pots, and they also produce hand balms. Choose from 15 unique scents of lip smudge pots, including coffee, lemon and grapefruit, peppermint and many more.

Seven glorious options are included in the tube line of lip balms. Grapefruit and peppermint are carried over from the smudge pot line, but be sure to check out the myrrh in a tube! The line of hand balms heals and restores the most neglected part of your body with essential oils and aromatherapy.

Lulu garnered inspiration from her mother, Helen. Helen was an entrepreneur herself and passed on the persistence, diligence, and perseverance to Lulu. A lasting legacy was formed when Lulu’s Garden took off. Every one of their balms will melt across your lips and leave your pout perfectly moisturized for hours.

Guest column by author, Murray Watts, FG Market

Keep the Cheer Here

Spreading Holiday Cheer with Every Purchase

While racing to fulfill holiday lists and purchase last minute stocking fillers, we often overlook the bounty of products available at small, independent, locally-owned businesses. It seems so much easier and more convenient to hit up a big-box store and do all of the Christmas shopping at once. You may save time that way, but you also miss out on an opportunity for so much more.

For me, no discount can match the experience of meeting a local artisan or shopkeeper, to see the face behind a product, and watch eyes light-up with passion as they describe their product. That genuine, friendly customer service is all too often lacking at the end of the conveyor belt. Because your business means so much, they will often go the extra mile to make you feel welcome. When they thank you for your purchase and wish you a happy holiday, you that know they mean every word. For me, it is absolutely worth a few extra trips through the ice and snow.

These types of transactions, no matter how small, connect us to one another and allow our neighbors to survive. Choosing to purchase local products strengthens our communities. According to the American Independent Business Alliance & The 3/50 Project  money spent at smaller, more independent businesses will recirculate more times in the local economy than that spent at national chains. On average, this money will change hands seven times before leaving the community. As a result, each dollar spent locally is actually worth more.

Keep the Cheer Here

Keep the Cheer Here

When you narrow your search to small, independently owned businesses you will find that your choices become more meaningful. Narrow really isn’t the right word. I am constantly surprised by the wide array of handmade products I never knew existed. When I shop locally, I find that the gifts I purchase are more thoughtful and are met with greater appreciation from the receiver. It’s funny how looking closer can actually broaden your horizon.

Lulu’s Garden is committed to sourcing as many local ingredients as possible, not just at Christmas time, but year-round. It is better for the environment, and for integrity of our products. Similar products might be found at a lower price from overseas merchants or national mega-stores, but the quality is never as good.

By purchasing directly from a small producer, we know exactly where an ingredient is coming from, who has touched it, and what processes it has undergone. Knowing the source of our ingredients is the key to honoring Lulu’s Garden’s commitment to using only 100% real, natural, pure ingredients. The only way to truly know that our beeswax does not contain added chemicals is to purchase as close to the source as possible.

Spread some holiday cheer by keeping your dollars close to home. Lulu’s products are all handmade in Maine. American made products like our Lulu’s Tubes and lip balms are the key to a solid economy and a successful, joyful community.

Why not make a commitment to purchase your holiday gifts locally this year?

Happy Holiday’s from your friend,


Fall in Maine

We are well into autumn here in Maine. Leaves are floating in the wind, the air feels cooler, pumpkins and corn stalks are appearing on doorsteps. The mums are in full bloom. There is excitement in the air as we prepare to welcome the next season.

Fall is a time of productivity. Farmers are bringing in the last of the harvest. There is wood to split and stack and vegetables to can or freeze for the bitter months ahead. Everyone is busy storing goods and unpacking warmer clothing. It is easy to become distracted as we pull on old familiar sweaters, sip from steaming mugs, and watch the beauty unfolding around us. Morning frost gives way to sunshine, which reflects a multitude of colors on the trees. It beckons us to run outside and play.

Surviving fall in Maine requires two invaluable natural ingredients. We need rosemary essential oils to keep us focused and lanolin to protect hands and lips from the drying air. Despite the splendor outside our doors, there is still work to be done. The shortening days can leave us tired and steal our motivation, especially with so many welcome distractions.

Aromatherapy with rosemary essential oils is the perfect remedy to help shake off the sleepiness and stimulate our minds. Rosemary is an easy and eye catching herb to grow. Potted plants can come inside, before the first autumn frost, where they will continue to grow year-round. If you can’t grow your own rosemary, check out Lulu’s Garden’s Revive Blend.

Wild turkeys are roaming through fields and backyards in search of food. Noisy geese are beginning to fly south. The carefree days of summer have gone and taken the humidity with them. As the fall air cools, it also dries and cracks our skin. Lanolin provides the right protection to keep skin healthy and full of moisturize. We borrow it from wooly animal friends. The lanolin they naturally produce makes their coats waterproof.

Smoothing lanolin on your skin locks in essential moisture. It can also encourage speedy healing of small cuts and scrapes. Many of Lulu’s Garden’s products contain this wonder ingredient. The Almanac is calling for another harsh winter. There is much preparing to be done. Thanks to lanolin, even the busiest hands can stay soft and beautiful.