Seawicks Candle Company Giveaway

Seawicks Candle Company Giveaway

Seawicks candle company is known for their Maine inspired candle scents. Created to evoke memories of life on the coast.  All of Seawicks candles are hand poured in small batches from US farm raised 100% soy.  Seawicks has been featured in Martha Stewart American Made as a 2014 crafts finalist.  As well as various Maine inspired magazines like DownEast Magazine, Maine Home and Design & Maine Magazine just to name a few.

They also offer a Weathered Sailor Collection with scents such as Tabacco leaf, Smokey Bourbon & Salty Sea Moss.

seawicks candle company lulus garden giveawayFor this giveaway, Seawicks Candle Company is offering (2) 9 oz glass candles with a burn time approx. 60-65 Hours! That 130 hours of glorious Maine inspired scents which include Coastal Storm and The Lodge. This giveaway ends 11/26/2015. Good luck!


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Winter in Maine

Winter in Maine

It is getting cold again, here in Maine. While the pine trees cling to their needles, the rest of the forest is bare, each trunk anchored in the frozen ground. The calendar may not declare winter for a few more weeks, but here in Maine it is clear that fall has peaked and passed on. An early winter has sauntered in, leaving surplus pumpkins rotting in the fields. The table has been set for the deer to feast.

winter in maine

winter in maine

A major snowstorm has already come and gone. A multitude of glistening snowflakes gathered on the grounds. Wind and ice brought down trees and power lines, forcing travelers to stand still. While most of that snow has since melted, more is gradually taking its place. The coves are newly skimmed with ice. Freezing conditions mean slowing down is no longer luxury, but a necessity.

Early winter is an opportunity to appreciate blessings and evaluate mistakes. It means time to take in enchanting views while leisurely sipping herbal tea. It is a well-deserved break from the busyness of summer and fall. We are still moving forward, but the race-walking pace is slowed to a stroll.

Now there is time to bake pies, catch up with friends, and respond to previously neglected emails. The freezing of time also provides an opportunity to thank our neighbors, near and far, for the bounty they have shared through the harvest season.

With the busywork done, the mind shift to new ideas. There is planning what comes next and brainstorming unique combinations of essential oils and other natural ingredients.

This is a popular time for knitters to break out the needles and begin crafting scarves, hats, mittens, and wool socks. These treasured gifts, though made with love, aren’t always easy on the hands. Did you know that Lulu’s Garden sells Knitter’s Balm? Our blend of cocoa butter, almond oil, lavender, comfrey and rosemary revives and moisturizes overworked hands.

It is also time to start making Christmas lists again, embracing the fun and whimsy of the holiday season. With plenty of time left to plan, there is no need to rush, stress, or hurry. There is even time to stock up on Lulu’s limited edition Stressaholic Lip Balm. With premium ingredients like grapeseed oil, cocoa butter, and vitamin e, this blend soothes and protects your lips while delivering a calming jolt of aromatherapy. It is the ideal antidote for holiday madness.

Stress has no place here in the midst calm before the next snowstorm. This is the time slow down and enjoy family members, attend to the alpacas, and reflect on all that is right in our early winter wonderland.

What do you do to relish the winter months?

Fall in Maine

We are well into autumn here in Maine. Leaves are floating in the wind, the air feels cooler, pumpkins and corn stalks are appearing on doorsteps. The mums are in full bloom. There is excitement in the air as we prepare to welcome the next season.

Fall is a time of productivity. Farmers are bringing in the last of the harvest. There is wood to split and stack and vegetables to can or freeze for the bitter months ahead. Everyone is busy storing goods and unpacking warmer clothing. It is easy to become distracted as we pull on old familiar sweaters, sip from steaming mugs, and watch the beauty unfolding around us. Morning frost gives way to sunshine, which reflects a multitude of colors on the trees. It beckons us to run outside and play.

Surviving fall in Maine requires two invaluable natural ingredients. We need rosemary essential oils to keep us focused and lanolin to protect hands and lips from the drying air. Despite the splendor outside our doors, there is still work to be done. The shortening days can leave us tired and steal our motivation, especially with so many welcome distractions.

Aromatherapy with rosemary essential oils is the perfect remedy to help shake off the sleepiness and stimulate our minds. Rosemary is an easy and eye catching herb to grow. Potted plants can come inside, before the first autumn frost, where they will continue to grow year-round. If you can’t grow your own rosemary, check out Lulu’s Garden’s Revive Blend.

Wild turkeys are roaming through fields and backyards in search of food. Noisy geese are beginning to fly south. The carefree days of summer have gone and taken the humidity with them. As the fall air cools, it also dries and cracks our skin. Lanolin provides the right protection to keep skin healthy and full of moisturize. We borrow it from wooly animal friends. The lanolin they naturally produce makes their coats waterproof.

Smoothing lanolin on your skin locks in essential moisture. It can also encourage speedy healing of small cuts and scrapes. Many of Lulu’s Garden’s products contain this wonder ingredient. The Almanac is calling for another harsh winter. There is much preparing to be done. Thanks to lanolin, even the busiest hands can stay soft and beautiful.