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Winter Relief

Hi Lee, I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that your lip balm is the absolute best. I have been plagued for years with lips that crack and bleed all fall and winter. Since I have been using your lip balm, I have honestly, not had a single crack in my lips all winter. It is amazing! Love it!


Satisfied Customer!

picked up the lip balm LOVE it…you now have a permanent customer! I don’t leave home without it. It’s very addicting…sign of a good product! Thanks Jocelyn


long distance runner

I truly love it. I think most of all, it is a product that really works. I use a pretty harsh lipstick during the day – one of those all day ones that really dries out my lips, so when I get home in the evening, I really want to slather something on that will moisturize. Yours does the trick. Another thing I really like is that it has some staying power. When I put it on, I can usually depend on it staying on for quite some time without having to constantly reapply it. In fact, it is always the last thing I do before bed and I usually wake up with my lips still moisturized. Also, it seems to last during my long runs. For some reason, other lip balms disappear outside during heavy breathing exercise activities, like my long distance runs.

Kelle, NY

Rosemary Lavender

They are great- I like the smells and don’t find them irritating or overly smelly (I have sensitive skin and have gotten headaches in the past from certain smells from lip balms like Burts Bees). Thank you Lee:-) Quotes

Amanda from Maine

Real Chocolate Mint

yummy lip balm in very cute packaging, shipped promptly and a pleasure to deal with. no more petroleum on my lips! would make a great gift.

vickie sue

Reminds me of home!

Beautiful and very well made. A new favorite lip balm and all four smelled wonderful, clean, and real – not like chemicals. I was going to share, but….they remind me of home (California), which is the best compliment I can give. Thanks so much! I’ll definitely be back