Musician’s Blend Lip Balm and Hand Balm

Musician’s Blend Lulu's Garden

Musician’s Blend Lulu’s Garden

Coffee’s sweet aroma in Musician’s Blend Lip Balm and Hand Balm captivates your senses. It is warm, comforting and alluring, welcoming you to a safe and groovy place. Applying Musician’s Blend transports you to a quiet coffee house, there is the scent of a steaming mug of freshly brewed coffee as the mug hovers just below your nose, there are distant notes of calming music of Max Ater, a gentle melody with a bit of jazz with its comfortable beat of the upright bass. Below the soft serenade you hear the tapping of laptop keys and the turnings of pages, a symphony of polite voices discuss the latest novels, creating an endearing buzz. The song gradually gains volume and momentum, lifting your spirits with a single inhalation. You exhale deeply, releasing tension and pent up stress.  Your stomach settles as the blues and butterflies melt away. This is your moment of calm. You feel warm and invigorated, you are ready to roll. Coffee essential oils carry more than a sent they carry a vibe which calms nerves and boosts energy. It is the perfect pick me up for any moment, particularly the few minutes of nerves right before a big performance (or date, or office meeting). You’ll feel warm, invigorated, and ready to rock.