About Us

My Product Line, Lulu's Garden

While developing my product line, Lulu's Garden,  I knew that I wanted it to be fresh, functional and fabulous. Each one of my custom creations is blended using only the finest ingredients including beeswax, jojoba oil, almond oil, and cocoa butter to name only a few. I've used my expertise to create luxurious lip and hand balms that are the absolute best on the market; award winning in product and packaging. My natural beauty line is full of products that will nurture your body and mind while leaving your spirit gently caressed.

Lee_pouringEach one of my lip balms melts across your lips and will leave your pout perfectly moisturized for hours. What is unique about each one of my lip balms, which are packaged in both tubes and smudge pots, is that I’ve incorporated an aromatherapy punch into each one. You’ll love the softening benefits and the gentle aromatherapy properties that accompany each blend.

My custom blended hand balms also bring together the best of two worlds in that each one combines the art of healing with the benefits of aromatherapy. Let’s face it, our hands are the most often neglected parts of the body yet the most vital to daily life. Every one of my Lulu’s Garden hand balm salves restore tired hands while smoothing the skin to perfection.


My Mom, my inspiration

HelenMy mother Helen has been my inspiration for so many things; I watched my mother grow her own company from scratch with oodles of persistence, diligence and perseverance.

As I am coming up on the 2nd year anniversary of my mom leaving this earth after 13 years of living with dementia. I reflect on all that she has taught me in sound mind and in sickness. In honor of the positive influence she has had on my life, I offer you these products today; she has taught me to believe in myself and that anything is possible when you put your mind to it.

With "Helen" Inspiration, I bring to you an amazingly hip, earthy product. I'm sure you will love it as much as I do!


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